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Freeserver is a hosting platform and service in its own right. It's a safe place for your websites and emails, without any imposing advertising or misleading terms and conditions. It works on a technical basis which is the same if not better than most paid-for hosting services.

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Reliable FREE Hosting without any ambiguous terms and advertising.

  • Run your webpages
    and emails for FREE
  • Infinite amount of email
    addresses and databases
  • One click CMS installation

    WordPress and Drupal

  • Antivirus security
  • Webpage statistics and analytics
  • Administration of DNS entries
  • Access to email via

    and mail services via certified SMTP
    including the possibility to use encrypted connection

  • Regular
    data back-up

    with instant FTP access to
    database snapshots from the last 4 days

  • Webpanel – tool for
    complete domain administration

    you can set up your email accounts, create a database,
    change your passwords or limit access
    for certain parts of your webpage

  • Unlimited amounts of
    subdomains for FREE
  • Webmail

    read and write emails
    from your email client or via the web

  • Webftp

    upload, edit or delete files directly from your browser

  • PHPmyadmin

    manage your databases

  • Script language
    PHP version 5.6 - 7.0
  • Databases
    Mysql version 5.x
  • Encrypted access
    to your webpages (https:)
  • Define the automatic
    launch of your scripts

    in pre-set time (CRON)

  • Servers are regulary

    to ensure the newest
    and the safest versions of software available

The web space is limited to 2 GB for web page, databases and email accounts. However, this is more than enough space for your personal or business web page, because regular web page requires around 0.1 GB. There's two easy ways to contact us for support, via email or Facebook. .

The domain name should be short, catchy and easy to remember.


Your unforgettable domain from WY

The domain name is extremely important because it is what your customer or clients type into internet browser to find your web page. E.g. your domain name could be or Try to pick something bold, catchy and remember creativity has no boundaries. Domains are registered via Webglobe - Yegon so you can choose from wide range of fantastic domain extensions for reasonable prices.

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Domain price list

Price (excl. VAT)
Add €14.00
Add €16.00
Add €16.00
Add €16.00
Add €14.00
Add €14.00
Add €14.00
Add €20.00
Add €12.00
Add €16.00
Add €16.00
Add €16.00
Add €14.00

Choose the name that represents you or your business. Creativity has no boundaries.

For example, if you sell toys, the ideal domain name for your web page would be or

Your personal blog could look something like: You can have as many subdomains as you require for free, i.e.

And your email address could look like or Choose the domain you are comfortable with.

Why do I need to pay for domain name?

Without the domain we are not able to provide freeserver services for you. Registration fee for the domain is not for us but for registration authority of desired domain extension. This purchase guarantees that you will be sole owner of the domain for prepaid period, usually for one year. In case you’ll decide to not use freeserver services anymore, you can transfer your domain anytime to another registrar.

Registering domains has its limitations. You can only use such domain names that are not already taken by another. There is a „Domain check“ option at registration, so make sure that your domain is unique and available.


We are here for you

If you have any questions or queries regarding hosting and email services, please contact us via email at or directly via our Facebook fanpage. If you have any questions regarding domain or invoicing, please contact our partner domain registrar WY at Contact.

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