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Our mission

We are a collective of digital entrepreneurs whose aim is to provide an excellent free hosting services to anyone and everyone. We believe that everyone should have easy access to their own web-space and hosting. For society to flourish, there must be business development, that’s where we come in...


Running a business digitally allows for great freedom as internet services enable you to work from anywhere, anytime with clients from all over the world.


Not so long ago we were young entrepreneurs much like yourself. We remember how much we appreciated any help that we received when starting out, which is why we are returning the favor. This service is excellent for anyone considering starting a new business or personal web page that would otherwise have to be paid for. Welcome aboard!

Free webhosting

Everyone who runs their business online needs at least two things: Web hosting and emails, these services cost around €60 a year. We provide both of these services for FREE with no advertising and no misleading terms. You just need to buy the domain on which these services will be put into operation.

Who is this service aimed at?

Freeserver is for those who are starting to run their business online, regardless of their worldwide location. We know that all companies are most vulnerable in the first 3 years of development. This is the period of time where we can seriously help to keep your costs to the absolute minimum. If your business is less than 3 years old and your annual turnover is under €1 million then we can help. We believe that entrepreneurs with higher turnover or those who have been running their business for a period longer than 3 years do not need our support.

Let’s start. Your free service is just one click away!

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Organisation info

Organisation name: Online Business Support Association (Združenie pre podporu podnikania na internete)
Tax ID: 50959191
Gov. registry ID: VVS/1-900/90-51433
Address: Stará Prievozská 1349/2, 82109 Bratislava, Slovakia
Contact: info@freeserver.biz