Terms of Service

Webhosting and email services are free of charge. Only condition for running the services is the registration of new second-level domain via our registration form or transfer of an existing domain to our registrar. We accept only domains of our partner registrar WY. Domains are priced according to the current pricelist. The domain registration invoice must be paid by the due date at the latest. In case of violation of these conditions, freeserver.biz we reserve the right to delete the domain immediately from the SERVER without prior notice and without the possibility of data recovery.


Združenie pre podporu podnikania na internete (Association for Promoting of Business on the Internet) with registered office in Stará Prievozská 1349/2, 82109 Bratislava, identification number: 50959191, acts as provider of www.freeserver.biz and of services connected with it.


Natural or legal person benefiting from services of the Provider connected with website freeserver.biz

General Provisions

Services offered at www.freeserver.biz are intended for business entities no older than 3 years with an annual turnover lower than 1 million euros. Contractual relationship between the Customer and the Provider is formed upon the filling-in and sending of an electronic order form at website www.freeserver.biz. The contractual relationship is created for the brokerage of registration of domain-name(s) as chosen by the Customer and for free-of-charge providing of webhosting services by the Provider in favour of the Customer. In case false information is stated in an electronic order form, the Provider has right to cancel the ordered service. The Provider may request further information from the Customer in order to verify his identity. In case the Customer provides false identification data upon the request, the Provider has right to immediately cancel the ordered service without the possibility to recover the saved data of the Customer.

It is prohibited at servers of the Provider to:

  • operate websites containing chat services (online live discussion)
  • operate erotic websites, including lists / catalogues of such websites
  • operate warez websites, including lists / catalogues of such websites
  • place files with size exceeding 5 MB for download
  • place video and audio files with size exceeding 1 MB for download (.avi, .mpg, .mp3, etc.)
  • send unsolicited e-mails (spam)
  • Opperating website(s) which could endanger the security of the server or other customers of the Provider operating their websites at the server
  • Create website(s) containing data violating good manners or legislation of the Slovak Republic (e.g. photographs or texts inciting national, racial or ethnic hatred, promoting violence, racism, fascism or other groups or ideologies supporting the oppression of rights and freedoms of citizens).

Such content will be immediately deleted from the server without prior notice.

Technical Requirements and Limitations of Service:

  • the Customer has available capacity of 2 GB for websites, databases and e-mails
  • number of databases and e-mails is not limited
  • databases are only accessible from the web-server of the Customer
  • single user is limited to 30 simultaneous connections into database
  • SMTP server requires verification by name and password
  • incoming and outgoing e-mails are checked by anti-virus program
  • incoming and outgoing e-mails may not contain attachments in: .com, .bat, .exe, .pif, .lnk, .scr, .vbs, .avi, .mpg, .mov, .mp3, .wav format
  • incoming e-mails are checked by an anti-spam filter which blocks servers listed in international spam databases
  • only single connection to ftp server is available at a time
  • we do not provide shell access
  • the Provider reserves the right to perform an upgrade of server software to the newest version without prior notification
  • the Provider reserves the right for the future to activate a single-line message added at the end of sent and received e-mail messages containing information that the message was delivered using server www.freeserver.biz
  • the Customer shall store all personal data at servers of the Provider only in encrypted format

Prices and Payment Conditions

Registration Fees Price List is publicly available at websites of the Provider. It is the Customer's responsibility to make a payment for the services ordered by no later than the due date of the invoice issued by the Provider. Domain name registration is arranged for by the Provider through its partner WY only after obtaining of payment from the Customer.

    Payment of ordered services can be made:
  • payment order
  • VISA, EUROCARD/MASTERCARD and DinersClub payment cards (with auto-payment capability)
  • PayPal payment gateway

    • Payment for domain registration and domain registration procedure is governed by commercial terms of partner WY available at: https://wy.sk/en/terms/

      Liability for Damage

      • The Provider bears no responsibility for content or technical correctness of websites created by the Customer at servers of the Provider. The Customer is directly responsible for websites operated at the server.
      • The Provider bears no liability for damage caused by unavailability of servers, websites, databases or e-mails of the Customer.
      • The Provider bears no liability for damage caused by deleting of files which were in violation of these GCT or which was a result of complete cancellation of ordered service violating these GCT.

      Personal Data Protection

      By sending electronic order at www.freeserver.biz the Customer confirms that the data he provided in the extent of name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number are accurate and true and thereby in accordance with Section 4 (3) (d) of Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection gives consent with processing of his personal data by the Provider. The Provider undertakes not to share personal data of the Customer (name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number) to third party without express consent of the Customer, save for providing of personal data of the Customer to partner WY for the purpose of registration of the selected domain name.

      Validity of the terms

      The terms begin to apply on the day of their publication, the Provider reserves the right to change the terms and undertakes to notify all users about these changes by email to their email contact address at least 14 days prior to the new terms will come into force.